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If there is one thing to know about Grazia, Olina’s founder,  

is that fashion is, and will always be her one true love. 

This is what she was constantly chasing, ever since she was a  kid:

she was playing with leftover fabrics in her grandma's atelier,

collecting vintage pieces from her aunty’s closet and learn how to

sew to make her own garments and accessories.


She loves her hometown, Martina Franca, in the south of Italy,

but she knew she was meant to work in fashion and she would do

anything to succeed, this would include moving abroad.

And so, after college she moved to London in order to kick off

her career, which started with several unpaid internships and

long hours of hard work. 

A few years later, Grazia has gained valuable experience as a

studio manager and production coordinator by working with

notorious brands. At some point, she realised she needed to take a

step back from this crazy world that is the fashion industry,

and started thinking of a conscious way to address fashion.

Olina is born to make fashion fun, sustainable and inclusive so women 

can feel empowered and relate to some positive,

encouraging and non-toxic vibes.


There is a specific meaning behind every single Olina’s prints, each one of them tells a unique story and is inspired by daily situations that women can relate to.

The designs have been created with the idea of empowering amazing women like you and helping each other out.

We want to see a world where every woman feel confident, powerful, and beautiful,

on the outside as well as on the inside


The T-shirts are made of organic cotton and accessories are made of hemp fabric.

We implemented a plastic-free packaging policy by only using recycled and recyclable materials.

We produce exclusively from natural and recycled/recyclable materials certified following the latest version of GOTS.



We use DTG Technology to print the T-shirts, which is considered the most sustainable technique as it is a zero-waste process that requires no toxic materials. 

The manufacturing complies with the FWF Code of Labour Practices following the International Labour Organisation’s conventions and manufacturing facilities are powered by green renewable energy.

The T-shirts are made in India and printed in the UK.

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