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Born in the beautiful small Italian town of Puglia, Grazia completed university in Italy before relocating to London to pursue her dream of working for a large fashion house. However, after several years of being immersed in the industry, she grew increasingly discontent with its shameless pedaling of insecurities in women and large carbon footprint.

Hoping to use her own artistic voice in a more meaningful way, Grazia embarked on an entrepreneurial journey that led to the founding of Olina. She envisioned a space where she could freely communicate nuanced messages through art and create a point of connection for women to be seen and heard. From its beginning, Olina has been defined by passion and positivity, guided by the concrete vision of uplifting and empowering women while practicing sustainable fashion.

Through her artwork, she draws upon her own experiences, struggles, and triumphs as a woman in order to spread messages of encouragement and love. Every aspect of Olina supports the goal of working towards a less toxic future and, above all, reclaiming the narratives of women.


There is a specific meaning behind every single Olina’s prints, each one of them tells a unique story and is inspired by daily situations that women can relate to.

The designs have been created with the idea of empowering amazing women like you and helping each other out.

We want to see a world where every woman feel confident, powerful, and beautiful,

on the outside as well as on the inside


The T-shirts are made of organic cotton and accessories are made of hemp fabric.

We implemented a plastic-free packaging policy by only using recycled and recyclable materials.

We produce exclusively from natural and recycled/recyclable materials certified following the latest version of GOTS.



We use DTG Technology to print the T-shirts, which is considered the most sustainable technique as it is a zero-waste process that requires no toxic materials. 

The manufacturing complies with the FWF Code of Labour Practices following the International Labour Organisation’s conventions and manufacturing facilities are powered by green renewable energy.

The T-shirts are made in India and printed in the UK.

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